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Canon PowerShot G7 X (Casual Films)

Danny Valentine & The Meditations – William

Things Penguins Can Do – Episode 5

Things Penguins Can Do – Episode 4

Things Penguins Can Do – Episode 3

Things Penguins Can Do – Episode 2

Things Penguins Can Do – Episode 1

Easter Bunny Animation

Animation for Fastershire – BT

Titles versioning for Food Junkies – London Live

2 x 11′ Online edits of Shop London for London Live

Titles versioning for F2 Kicks Off – London Live

German-language Recipe Films for Media Bounty / Lee Kum Kee

Corporate edit for Contented Productions / Electrolux

Dundee to Edinburgh Airport timelapse

Series of instructional videos for Markettiers4dc / Gatorade

Halloween Animation for Parsnip

A goldmine from the US National Archives

Showreel 2012

Documentary animation about Werner Dankwort

Electric Jalaba – “Marhaba”

The Theresa May Speaking Clock

Entertainment News Mini Reel

Post-Producer Reel 2011

Website for Parsnip

Greggs Superstar Doughnuts

Lipton – Pierce Brosnan

Danny Valentine – Wicked Game

Wall’s – Carte D’Or Macadamia Night

Philips – SensoTouch 3D

IG Index – Cause & Effect

Lipton Ice Tea – Join The Dance

Flora – ProActiv

Flora – Running Through Life

Danny Valentine & The Meditations – Queen Of Everything

Danny Valentine & The Meditations – Queen of Everything (Alternative Video)

Lipton – Lalo Schifrin

Philips – Parallel Lines

Clean & Clear

Philips – The Gift (Parallel Lines)

Joan Armatrading – This Charming Life

HP – Everybody’s Talking – Lost Tribe

HP – Everybody’s Talking – Rocket Man

HP – Everybody’s Talking – Woodstock

Lipton – Tea Time

Philips – Robot

Philips – Carousel

Philips – Gift Giving

Title animation for “Running Late”

Funny Farm vs New World Order – Draw

Saffarazzi 1

Website for The Dyslexia Teaching Centre

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