Halloween Animation for Parsnip

Here’s a little animation I started in a moment of madness/boredom. If you can identify more than 20 of the films referenced you’re officially a Horror Geek Extraordinaire.It’s also got a brilliant little original score by Eddie Stevens

A goldmine from the US National Archives

Just received a pile of papers on Werner Dankwort from the US National Archives. Most of it just confirms what we already knew or suspected, but there are some little gems in there. Like this one.

Documentary animation about Werner Dankwort

Among (many) other things, I’m currently working on a short animated documentary about one the 20th century’s forgotten heroes, German diplomat Werner Dankwort. I’m doing the scripting and research together with a friend of mine, and so far we’ve delved deep into the archives of the Swedish National Library, Ausw√§rtiges Amt, the British Foreign Office […]

Greggs Superstar Doughnuts

***UPDATE*** These little guys now nominated for an award. Social Media Strategy of the Year, no less. http://www.thedrummarketingawards.com/nominations