Halloween Animation for Parsnip

Here’s a little animation I started in a moment of madness/boredom. If you can identify more than 20 of the films referenced you’re officially a Horror Geek Extraordinaire.It’s also got a brilliant little original score by Eddie Stevens

Documentary animation about Werner Dankwort

Among (many) other things, I’m currently working on a short animated documentary about one the 20th century’s forgotten heroes, German diplomat Werner Dankwort. I’m doing the scripting and research together with a friend of mine, and so far we’ve delved deep into the archives of the Swedish National Library, Ausw√§rtiges Amt, the British Foreign Office […]

Greggs Superstar Doughnuts

***UPDATE*** These little guys now nominated for an award. Social Media Strategy of the Year, no less. http://www.thedrummarketingawards.com/nominations